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Design next-level meetings.

Sessions organizes your favorite tools around a clear agenda, designed to save your time for your most productive interactions yet.

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Plan to save time.

  • Choose who, when, what, goes into your meeting.
  • Build your agenda choosing the right artifact for each task
  • Reuse favourite sessions through saved templates.


Get everyone + everything.

  • Access to all resources from previous related meetings.
  • Share all info, notes and files with all participants.
  • Give everyone a clear overview of all meetings at any moment.


Interact with purpose.

  • Forget about Alt+Tab, everything is built in.
  • Collaborate seamlessly.
  • Enjoy full control over details without losing structure.


Meet your online brain.

  • Never worry about automatically-emailed follow-ups and takeaways.
  • Find and reuse any interactions, notes and files all automatically saved.
  • Enjoy a Memory that stores content as well as context.

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Why Sessions?

Because we believe nobody should waste another second in unproductive meetings.

Instant Access

Web-based with built-in artifacts, you can access (or give access) to Sessions through a simple link and work collaboratively instantly.

Maximized Productivity

Sessions is built around time to provide an efficient, noise-free experience and builds work over time to never do things twice.

Brain-like Memory

Imagine finding information as easily as in your own mind,  combined with digital precision, and never waste hours searching info again.

Let's put our minds together.

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