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Have better meetings.

One tool that makes it simple to plan and organize meaningful meetings, keeping everyone engaged, productive and always up to date.

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Set up for success.

  • Choose who, when, what, goes into your meeting.
  • Design the agenda by configuring the right tools for every time slot.
  • Share all resources and info with participants.
  • Save your favourite sessions as templates.


Plan ahead. Prepare.

  • Access to all resources from previous related meetings.
  • Access to all info, notes and files shared by
    the owner.
  • Everyone has a clear overview of all meetings,
    at any moment.


Maximize productivity.

  • Choose specialized artifacts for every agenda slot
  • Forget about Alt+Tab. Everything is built in.
  • Keep participants focused.
  • Enjoy full control over meeting etiquette.
  • Collaborate seamlessly.


Never miss a thing.

  • Automatically save all recordings, interactions, notes and files associated with your meeting.
  • Instantly search and find any important piece of information from any previous meeting.
  • Never worry again about follow-ups.
  • Enjoy a Memory that stores content as well as context.

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Instant Access

As a web-based solution, Sessions can be instantly accessed by all Participants from a shareable link. With built-in artifacts and browser-based sections like Designer or Memory, everything in Sessions is ready to use and easy to access.

Maximized Productivity

Everything built in Sessions, from its complex system to its revolutionary information storage, is designed to provide an ideal, noise-free meeting experience so you can focus on your outcomes and even save time doing so.

Brain-like Memory

With Sessions, finding any  information piece is as intuitive as using your own mind – but with the added precision of digital technology. Think of the notes you took in your last meeting, and trace them back instantly along with much more.

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